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Ladder in Bat Cave
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Geologists study the history of our planet by examining the rock layers that make up the Earth's crust. Sedimentary rocks (those formed from the weathered remains of other rocks) are one type of rock that makes up the Earth's crust. One kind of sedimentary rock is limestone. It constitutes 10% of all sedimentary rocks, and occurs as striking outcrops, which often contain openings to caves. Although caves Woccur in several types of material (limestone, dolostone, granite, sandstone, ice, lava), the majority of caves are found in limestone. Our study of the geology of caves will take you through where caves occur in the United States, the major ways that caves form (through the action of carbonic acid and by sulfuric acid dissolution), and how they are decorated with cave formations (speleothems).

Ladder in Bat Cave
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